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The Gel Seat by Obusforme


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The luxurious comfort of gel combined with contoured support for any seat anywhere * The ObusForme Gel Seat is ergonomically designed with a contoured shape to help support you in proper upright posture while the gel insert provides you with luxurious comfort.* Black * This seat cushions unique gel grid design provides different zones of comfort and support for a luxurious sitting experience * Dense gel at front and back of the cushion provides firm support to help you sit upright. Memory foam base molds to the body?s shape * Mesh center allows for increased air circulation to keep you cooler * Flexible design allows for use at home in the office or car and is easily folded into luggage * Lightweight and portable * Hypoallergenic cover can be removed and spot washed * Use together with any Obusforme backrest support * Item measures 18« L x 17 W x 2 H * Endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association *