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Deluxe Clinical Care Recliner


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The unique patent pending recline mechanism enables the patient to position the back from TV position to full recline * The wide contoured seat and back along with an integrated footrest provide an enhanced level of comfort * Built-in arm pads in the back give improved support for the arms while in Trendelenburg * Wall saver armrest caps increase durability of the armrests and protect walls from marring * Higher floor to back height enables the caregiver to raise the patient up with less effort reducing the chance for a back injury * Extra deep Trendelenburg position- steeper angle improves patient stabilization * Four Tente© swivel casters facilitate transport and maneuverability in confined areas * Left and right rear top-locking casters provide positive lock * Directional wheel lock on right rear caster reduces crabbing of recliner and enables the chair to be moved down hallways with less effort * Durable high-impact side tables sit flush with chair arm to conveniently hold prep materials * Easy to actuate by caregiver * Extra heavy duty recliner mechanism * Weight bearing capacity: 350 Pounds *

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