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Apollo 3-Port Low Air Loss Mattress & APP System


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The Apollo 3-Port Alternating Pressure Air Flotation Mattress System with gentle low air loss incorporates the features that clinicians demand for their patients in a truly portable system * Mattress utilizes 16 independent 8 deep air cells to reduce interface pressure for the prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure sore ulcers * User friendly controls and ease of setup make Apollo 3-Port ideal for institutional use and the homebound patient * Designed to fit all standard hospital beds * CPR valve for quick deflation * Vyvex nylon mattress cover wicks moisture away from patients skin and is low shear anti-microbial fluid resistant fire retardant and washable as well as loose fitting to conform to the patient * Zippered and removable cover * Unique design provides continuous air flow to the 3 static base of the mattress * Control dial adjusts mattress from soft to firm for patient comfort * Normal pressure alert indicates that system is operating properly * Low pressure alert indicates that output needs to be increased for heavier patients or accidental disconnection of hoses * Medicare Code E0277 * Weight cap: 350 Lb